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Shampoo Bowls: Celebritywash Shiatsu

Celebritywash Shiatsu - Shampoo Bowls
Shown with white bowl and vinyl Tomato
$ 6,338.00
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Gamma State of the Art
Shampoo Bowls
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9000 Series
Anton Kobrinetz
Delivery Time:
2 weeks
31.1''W x 49.2-67.3''L x 37''H

Backwash with tilting bowl. With Shiatsu massage system and electrical movement from the sit-down to the lay-down position. With white bowl - skai, vinyl cat. A

Thanks to a sliding and tilting system the bowl (available in white, grey or black ceramic, with fittings), can be adjusted for the maximum comfort of the client as well as for the worker. The main structure is in zinc-plated metal while the wooden structure of the chair is luxuriously padded with polyurethane resin upholstered with vinyl (available in different colors). The new advanced massage system, which allows an extensive massage all over the body compared with other systems that only stimulate on the back, is comprised of self inflating and deflating tubes wich operate in a preprogrammed sequence. In this manner the operating unit generates a wave of pressure that adapts and perfectly conforms to the contours of the body lying on its surface. By adjusting the control unit is also possible to regulate the speed and pressure of the massage. Made in Italy.

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