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Pedicure Spa Chairs: Streamline Basic Pipeless Shiatsu

$ 6,774.00
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Gamma State of the Art
Pedicure Spa Chairs
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Pedicure Station
Spa Logic
Anton Kobrinetz
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8-10 weeks

Pedicure spa with built-in shiatsu massage, reclining back, removable headrest, pivoting arms for easy enter and exit, faucet with sprayer, integrated tube, on/off switch, air regulator low to max and detergent port. UL listed components. Available in 34 different colors.

"Pipeless" means that the whirlpool jet does not use any pipes. Traditional pedicure chairs have pipes to take water from one side of the bowl and shoot it out the other side. The new pipeless jets are basically little underwater fans. Pipeless systems does not use air so they do not make bubbles, and they are quite silent compared to traditional systems that have the pump. The fan sits in the bowl and creates a massaging jet stream for your clients feet. Pipeless jets make cleaning easier, because there are no pipes to clean, you can simply remove the fan to clean it. This also eliminates bacteria or mildew build up because there is no place for it to form.

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