Beauty Design

Black Design by F.A.Porsche

The design philosophy of F.A. Porsche clearly emerges in this collection that integrates technological materials and minimal design. The Porsche approach to develop innovative products starts with forms that are more integral to their intended functions, this idea is clearly visible in the Tsu chair with its single molded plywood frame, in the classic spirit of Eames, that envelopes the body with a particularly masculine styling. The language of technology is similarly reflected in the Black Wash shampoo unit made from a structural resin finished in black lacquer that creates a sinuous line reflecting an automotive profile. The Torix reception desk and Edo styling station are envisioned through extreme minimal shapes detailed with cast aluminum surfaces and ultra technological finishes. The combination of functional, and minimal design with technological innovations is what makes the F.A. Porsche collection a timeless classic.

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