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Salon Planner - Help Guide

This Help Guide will assist you in learning to use the planner so you get can started right away.

The Salon Planner is an application that allows you to draw your floor plan and add all the products available in the library. A window with all properties and keyboard shortcuts will appear on relevant function keys.

The main menu displays all the tools you need to run the basic functions of the Salon Planner (new salon, report, print, pan, center view, zoom, ruler and help guide).

The left side menu allows you to draw the walls of your salon and add doors and windows. When you select an object, a window to move and rotate that object will appear.

In the grid you will see your floor plan with the objects you placed. You can deselect an object by clicking elsewhere in the grid. You can add products from the Library placed on the right menu. You can close the Library if you wish. Once you have drawn the walls of your salon and added the products available in the library, you can Print your salon floor plan.

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