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I would like to have a cost estimate including shipping before placing my order. What you need for a quotation?

If you like to receive a detailed quotation we need to know: - complete list of the items you require (please try to be as much informative as possible, always include which base you prefer for the chairs and if possible the colors for each item) - full physical address - your company details (name, address and phone number)

Do you have a physical, in-print catalog?

Yes, we have physical in-print catalogs. If you are really interested in buying our furniture, you can send us an e-mail requesting our catalogs and we will send them free of charge. Please always specify your salon or company details, address and phone number. Please allow about a week for the delivery. Catalogs and sample books are also available to buy on our Company Literature category for a faster delivery.

I would like to order all my furniture from you. Can I have a discount?

Our prices are already "direct from factory" prices. Besides, we can usually cover shipping to door for large orders. Further special discounts can be offered depending on order size and destination. In any case any discount must be assessed every time considering order size and the actual cost of shipping but we'll try to do any effort to give the best possible deal. Please send us the list of the items you require along with your billing and delivery information to have a detailed quotation.

How long does it take to manufacture your products?

Chairs, shampoo units, hood dryers and accessories are commonly available for shipping within 2 weeks. Other products and custom furniture are available in 4 weeks. Please check our Ready 2 Go line for in stock ready to ship items.

I need my salon furniture urgently, do you have items in stock ready to be shipped?

Yes, you can choose the products in our “Ready2Go line”; all the products displayed with 'R' belong to this line. These items are available and ready for shipping in 48 hours because they are already manufactured and packed into the crates, ready for delivery. Of course, colors are standard and it is not possible to select different options. If you wish to have a custom color you have to choose from the other lines. In this case manufacturing times vary according to your selection.

What is the maximum height for your chair bases? Does you company offer an optional extension to make it higher?

Standard lockable hydraulic bases extend on average from about 19" to about 25" . The exact dimensions depend on the specific chair and base required. The maximum extension of the lockable hydraulic pump is 6.3". Please contact us if you need special requirements. In most cases we can have the height customized according to your needs.

Can I have technical specs and installation drawings for the products I want to buy?

Our design department is always available to provide the required specs for your architect or contractor. Installation drawings for shampoo stations or styling units will be promptly emailed or faxed on request.

Do your shampoo stations use U.S. standard plumbing?

Yes, our bowls are supplied in U.S. with American standard plumbing connections. The only thing your plumber has to care about is to install a backflow preventing system as they are not equipped with vacuum breakers.

Do you have a showroom in U.S. where I can see your furniture?

Yes, we are proud to be the first European company who opened a showroom in U.S. We welcome you to visit our state-of-the-art 3,000 sq. ft showroom in Brooklyn located at: 68 34th Street, 2nd floor - Brooklyn, 11232 NY ph 212 239 6916.


Do you provide a warranty for your products?

We warranty our products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and handling, to the original purchaser for two years from the date of the original shipment. During this period, the company reserves the option to repair or replace parts as deemed necessary. Shipping and handling is additional. Items out of warranty are the responsibility of the buyer. In many cases, we can assure the parts or components needed for repair long after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.


Can I get custom finishes for my furniture?

We offer custom finishes for almost all of our furniture pieces and upholstery. We offer custom vinyl for our chairs and sofas. Vinyl is a very resilient, long-lasting and easy to clean popular choice for styling chairs and sofas upholstery. Microfiber fabrics offer a smooth, soft and also durable solution to our Seating selections. On the product page, click the ‘Colors’ links to view the different finishes available for that item. Once you've decided on the right color, simply select it from the color drop-down menu to confirm your order.

Can I select a vinyl color that is not in your list?

There is no problem on working on customized vinyl. Let us have a list of the items you'd like to buy, we'll tell you how much vinyl is needed so that you can send us the color you have chosen for your salon. The price of the goods will remain unchanged.

Can you manufacture custom furniture?

We have a state of the art carpentry able to manufacture any piece of furniture you desire, like special cabinets, custom stations and displays according to your specific needs. You will have to send us a detailed drawing with all relevant dimensions. Manufacturing time will be the same as for the standard furniture so you’ll be sure to have all the furniture required at the same time.


Do you offer a design service?

Yes, we offer a design service for beauty salons. Please click in the floor plan category to find our salon design offers. After you place you order online, we just need a floor plan to be sent by email or fax with all relevant dimensions and the requirements you have in terms of products you need and rooms. If you can select specific items we will be able to display them in your plan and add a detailed quotation. Our designers will be glad to design a solution in about ten days. The cost will be completely refunded should you decide to place your order for the furniture with us. You can take a look at different designs in the salon layout category.


How is the transport carried out?

We are able to organize deliveries throughout the world. Our products can be delivered by air, sea and/or truck according to customer's geographical location and preferences. Standard delivery is carried out by sea. You can ask anytime a quote for air freight shipping.

I would like to postpone a delivery. What can I do?

It is possible to postpone a delivery only if the products have not entered the manufacturing process (about one week after you placed your order). The forwarder will be able to provide a storage service once the goods will be arrived. The products will be stored at your risk and related costs will be charged.

When should I plan my salon opening after I place my order?

You should not plan your salon’s opening until you have all of your furniture delivered from us. We strive to meet delivery times and in most cases we can assure that manufacturing time will be met. We have much less control on shipping operations. To be safe, in order to plan for contingencies such delays in shipping departure, sea conditions, delays with customs operations, etc., you should consider a few weeks more for the delivery.

Can I change my delivery option after my order have been placed?

You should decide on desired delivery option (standard seafreight or airfreight) at the time of order confirmation. If no special delivery is requested at the time of order confirmation, standard option applies. If you like to switch from standard delivery to an airfreight delivery we'll try to accomodate your request if the goods are still in the manufacturing process. You will be notified about the extra charge required and payment must be received before the goods are picked up by the forwarder. After the goods have been delivered to the forwarder it will not be possible to change delivery option.

Storage Charges?

Once units have cleared customs and have been delivered to GAMMA & BROSS USA’s distribution center, the orders are prepared and scheduled for delivery. The Client(s) are to be notified of shipment scheduling and tracking information, if applicable. If, the Client(s) or the final destination is not available for delivery within seven (7) business days of the units’ arrival, GAMMA & BROSS USA reserves the right to charge a one dollar ($1) per square foot per day storage fee. Delays in the receipt of the balance will delay the shipment, and storage fees will be applied starting seven (7) business days after goods are ready for delivery. In the event the Client(s) shall default in their obligation to pay an outstanding balance, the Client(s) shall be liable for the costs of cancellation, attorney's fees, disbursements, court costs, late charges, freight charges incurred and storage fees and any other charges relating to the order.


Are the goods insured against possible damages?

Yes, all the goods are insured against any possible damage that may occur during the transport. We pack our goods in the best possible way. Goods are packed into wooden crates with foam inside and bubble wrap to protect them from scratches. So while freight damage is not a frequent occurrence because of our packaging practices, no shipment is immune to the risk of loss or damage. It is the responsibility of the consignee to unload the shipment, inspect it upon receipt, and appropriately note any damage or shortage on the delivering carrier’s delivery bill... before signing the delivery bill. Freight carriers rarely assume any responsibility for damage or loss that is not noted on the delivery bill at the time of delivery. If you are not able to check the goods at the time of delivery, sign the document stating that possible remarks can be made later, after your duly check. In case of damages, you should immediately take the pictures of any damage occurred to the products and to the crates. To file a claim with the insurance company the forwarding agent needs the pictures as well as the delivery document you signed with your written reserves. You will also need to accompany the document with a letter stating that you discovered concealed damage after unpacking the material at the final destination, if damages were not discovered at the time of delivery. All documents stating the damage (reserve letter, pictures, insurance certificate and letter of claim) must be sent to our forwarder's agent within 48 hours after damage discover. After this, claim will be handled by our forwarder's agent. After successfully filing the claim, we will either send the replacements for the damaged parts or manufacture a new piece if it is not possible to replace parts.


What types of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Please ask a representative for other cards. Wire Transfers are also accepted. Large orders are usually paid by wire transfer or check. In this case a 30% deposit will be enough to confirm your order.

Do you provide financing for your equipment?

Yes we do offer financing. Please contact us to have more information on financing and leasing options. We also accept all major credit cards, so you could also ask their customer care centers to find out more about the financing plans they can offer.


Do you provide a warranty for your products?

We warranty our products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and handling, to the original purchaser for one years from the date of the original shipment. Three years warranty on Gamma & MGBross hydraulic pumps and one year on GammaStore hydraulic pumps. During this period, the company reserves the option to repair or replace parts as deemed necessary. Shipping and handling of replacement parts is included. Replacement and labor costs on site are not included. Items out of warranty are the responsibility of the buyer. In many cases, we can secure the parts or components needed for repair long after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

Will your product meet my local code?

Several of our products do have certifications. Depending on your location, you may be asked to provide certain certifications so please make sure which certifications you need and contact us to know if the product you'd like to buy carries the certification you need. As we sell to many different countries and regulations or codes differ from one country, state or city from another, we can't know what are local requirements around the world. Please make sure the product you are buying will meet your local code and pass inspection before you proceed with your purchase.

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