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Styling Salon Chairs: Flow Chair

Swivel styling chair without base.

Swivel styling chair without base. Structure polyurethane material upholstered with vinyl (available in different colors). Made in Italy.

  • Product Code: GAVA076PO
  • Company: Gamma State of the Art
  • Category: Styling Salon Chairs
  • Category Details: Styling Chairs
  • Collection: Fluid Generation
  • Designer: Anton Kobrinetz
  • Delivery Time: 8-10 weeks.
  • Dimensions: 27.6'' W x 26.8'' D x 24'' H
  • Notes: Shown with Base Cross with pump - vinyl Silver.
  • Price USD: $ 798.00
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Vinyl cat.A

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Salon Chair Bases
Base Man Ray
Base Man Ray
Base Dieci
Base Mr Ray
Base Malcom
Base Minimal
Base Star
Base Star
Base Star
Base Parrot
Base Parrot
Base Parrot
Base Malcom
Base Cross
Base Cross
Base Cross
Base Square
Base Square Holly
Base Roto Holly

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Salon Chair Bases

Additional Accessories

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Sumi Footrest
$ 222.00
Wunrest Quadro
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Dyer Footrest
$ 121.00
$ 79.00
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