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Salon Floor Plans: 2D Plan

2D floor plan by email (.dwg and .jpeg files)

Two dimensions salon floor plan (.dwg Autocad file .pdf and/or .jpeg file). Send your salon layout either by email or fax.

  • Product Code: CPL001SP
  • Company: Gamma State of the Art
  • Category: Salon Floor Plans
  • Category Details: Salon Plan
  • Collection: First Class
  • Designer: Gamma Design Lab
  • Delivery Time: 1 week
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Price USD: $ 540.00

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Oneida - Styling Salon Chairs
Capidice - Styling Salon Chairs
Platoir Swarovski - Salon Reception Desks
Flatiron 2P - Shampoo Bowls
Edo - Salon Styling Stations
Polyplan 170 - Salon Reception Desks
Otello Infinite (405) - Salon Styling Stations
Provocateur - Salon Styling Stations
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