Salon Equipment and Beauty Furniture

Waiting Area Salon Sofas and Couches

Waiting Area Furniture plays an important role in salon design as it is usually placed in critical areas, like the entrance or between areas where different services are provided to customers.
Gamma & Bross Waiting Area Sofas are manufactured by skilled upholsterers using high quality foams and fabrics.
Our Beauty Salon Seating Furniture is designed to offer a comfortable experience for customers waiting to be served and save space at the same time. Our Waiting Area Sofas and Couches have different shapes and dimensions fit any salon design. A wide selection of fabrics and colors is available to complement the style and decor of your salon. A unique and colored design sofa can make a big difference to improve your salon decor!
Kubibench 2 - Waiting Area Seating
Icon Link Decor - Salon Styling Stations
Cocodesk 220 - Salon Reception Desks
Round Tuffet - Waiting Area Seating
Wash Inn - Otis - Shampoo Bowls
AMX Alu - Hood Dryers
Quantum Zone with wall arm - Hood Dryers
Ultrawash E - Shampoo Bowls
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