Salon Equipment and Beauty Furniture

Beauty Salon Reception Desks & Counters

Reception Area Furniture is very important as it is usually the first thing customers see when they enter the salon, so several design solutions have been developed to create unique concepts, like the use of fluorescent or LED lighting to create sophisticated design atmospheres or the use of different materials alternative or combined to wood and laminates. 
Gamma & Bross Salon Reception Desks are manufactured by our skilled carpenters using high quality materials besides wood, such as aluminum, glass, fiberglass and acrylic to match any beauty salon decoration. 
Our Reception Desks and Counters offer lots of storage as well as pratical solutions like sliding shelves for keyboards, front transaction shelves to ease payments, grommets for the cables.
Our design team is also available to design special Custom Reception Desks to accomodate customers specific needs in terms of design, dimensions and finishes.
Valet 1 - Salon Trolleys
Black Pouff - Waiting Area Seating
Koto - Waiting Area Seating
Otello Infinite (405) - Salon Styling Stations
Demetra - Styling Salon Chairs
Rikka Anniversary Parrot  - Styling Salon Chairs
Bean - Waiting Area Seating
Dice - Styling Salon Chairs
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