Salon Equipment and Beauty Furniture

Pedicure Spa Chairs

Gamma & Bross Pedicure Spa Chairs are designed to meet the highest standards in quality, comfort and design. Our Pedicure Spa Chairs feature reclining backrest and removable headrest to allow for additional services to the client from the back. All our Pedicure Spa Chairs include a relaxing shiatsu air massage system as an option. Armrests are movable for easy access to the chair and can include an optional manicure tray. The acrylic sink includes four jets that can be adjusted by the operator. An adjustable and removable upholstered footrest is available to use during the treatments. A sanitation system is also included. Our Pedicure Spa Chairs are available in several vinyl color options. Design pedicure furniture like pedicure carts, spa cabinets and pedicure stools are also available to complement our Pedicure Spa Chairs.
Quiltbench 1 - Waiting Area Seating
Base Roto Holly - Salon Chair Bases
Alipes Parrot - Styling Salon Chairs
Oneida Cut - Beauty Salon Stools
Kubika Parrot - Styling Salon Chairs
Vapo Alu - Hood Dryers
Sundial - Waiting Area Seating
Sledesk - Salon Reception Desks
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